Sunday, December 14, 2008

He's Still the King of Kings

In the hills of Judea the lone shepherds watch; Hope is gone, there is no call for singing; Then the angels proclaim that a Savior is born, Heaven's lofts echo sweet Zion's ringing.

He has walked by the gravesides of earth's fallen kings, Who opposed Him and yet He's still reigning! Somehow love and compassion have conquered it all, Even foes join with Heaven proclaiming.

When He rode thro the city, the crowd claimed Him King; Thousands cheered and the streets filled with singing; But their song turned to cursing, the crown to a cross, They were blind to the wealth He was bringing.

At the sound of the trumpet the skies blaze with fire; Mountains thunder with God's judgment singing; But the saints have no fear, their Redeemer has come; Praise the Lord, thro all ages they're singing.


(1-3) Hosanna! Hosanna, The whole world is singing, The hope of all ages is born; Tho' sometimes it may seem this old world's in control, He's still the King of kings and Lord of lords!

(4) Hosanna! Hosanna, The saints are still singing, The hope of all ages is come; There were times when it seemed this old world had control. He's still the King of Kings and Lord of lords!!

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